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It’s Baking Season!

Before you bake this season, test the leavening you have in your pantry or refrigerator. How many times have you thrown away baking powder, baking soda, or yeast sure that it is too old.

Today, my 3 year old grandson and I had our

own science experiments in the kitchen. He stirred and did the observations. He liked to see the bubbling results and Grandma was wellpleased with his focused attention and accurate observations….of course, a budding scientist!!!!

Test the leavening…


If baking soda and white vinegar fizzes up vigorously when mixed, then the bakingsoda is just fine.  I clean my dishwasher with just this mix each week!

Baking Powder and water does the same; you should see a weak bubbling.

Yeast placed into sugar water begins to bubble in 10 minutes,

and dome in 10 more minutes.

For exact recipes for testing these leaveners, please look at this website: