This is a must repeat meal!

Corrigan's Cookday

Next time you feel like going out, try a spendy gourmet meal that will still cost pennies compared to the equivalent at a fine restaurant. I’m not anti-restaurant by far, but when food at home is better, I choose HOME!

I love my Pampered Chef Grill Basket


Herb and Garlic Marinated Grilled Shrimp

1 Maine Lobster tail

Oregon Bay Shrimp Cabbage Salad

With Creamy Garlic Dill Dressing

Orzo Pesto Pasta

Grilled Onions and vegetables

Fresh Berries


The Lobster Tail was on sale at my local grocers, so I couldn’t pass it up. We split it as a family to go along with our meal.

This recipe has been in many other menus. I got it out of the freezer and will use it in meals until it’s gone. I marinated the Shrimp for 2 hours, then put them in a grilling basket. They cooked approximately 2 minutes…

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