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Happy Birthday Dinner!

Birthday Girl’s Menu


Menu Board

Menu Board

Meatloaf Sauce

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Shredded Carrots and Peas

Bread Rolls and Butter

Sparkling Rasberry Apple Cider


Meatloaf  (bread pan)

This recipe is put together with raw ingredients.

2 lbs. Ground beef

¼ c. milk

6 oz. ketchup

2 eggs- beaten

3t Worcestershire sauce

1/2 C diced onion

3 cloves garlic, minced

½ C oats

6 Ritz crackers, crushed

1 t salt

½ t pepper

½ C milk

Mix wet ingredients first, then dry.

Put into loaf pans and freeze if desired.


Thaw first, and then cook 400 F for 40-50 minutes.

If still somewhat frozen lower temp. and cook for longer time.

You can put ketchup, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, or brown sugar on top before baking, but I put this sauce:

Meatloaf Sauce

1 C catsup

1 T Worcestershire sauce

3 T dark brown sugar

3 T yellow mustard

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (1 9×12 or 2 8×8 pans)

6 lbs (about 14 Cups) Yukon Gold

1 C Sour Cream

3 cloves garlic minced

1 t salt

½ t black pepper

1/4  C nonfat milk

1 C  lowfat sour cream

Boil peeled potatoes.


Add all other ingredients and mix in Kitchen Aid Mixer or other mixer.

Place in baking dish and freeze if desired. Rewarm if making in advance.

Thaw (if frozen) and bake covered at 350°F for 30 minutes or until warm all through.

Shredded Carrots and Peas

Place carrots and peas in saucepan with water barely covering the bottom. Warm on low until warmed through, watching that the water does not evaporate. Place ¼ t salt and black pepper on vegetables for taste.

Bread Rolls

In advance, wrap bread rolls in foil. Warm in oven for the last 15 minutes of cooking. Serve with butter on the table.