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DSC_8083_edited-1My stove is still broken so I chose to use the oven for the meal. I took the chicken from an 8×8 Gladware freezer container to a pyrex glass 8×8 baking dish. I placed the rice in another oven friendly Corning Ware dish and the Peas in another. For the rice I topped it with Lemon Olive Oil and put rosemary salt and fresh ground peppercorns over the peas along with a Tablespoon of butter and 3 Tablespoons of water. After slicing the bread I placed it in foil and warmed it in the oven for the last 15 minutes.

I use these pans to freeze meals in:


italian chicken express meal edited-2


Chicken Kiev

Rice Pilaf

Baby Green Peas

Artisan Italian Bread


Chicken Kiev (1 9×12 or 2 8×8) raw meat

6-8 chicken boneless, skinless breasts, raw pounded flat

¾ C fine dry breadcrumbs

¾ C (6 oz) grated Parmesan cheese

2  t oregano leaves, dry

½ t garlic powder

¼  t pepper

½ C (1 stick) butter, softened

2 T chopped fresh parsley

3-4 slices pepper jack cheese [½ slice Pepper Jack cheese per breast (purchased in sandwich slices)]

1/2 C butter, melted

Spray pans with cooking spray.

Combine the breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, 1 t oregano, garlic powder and pepper.

Combine butter, parsley and 1 teaspoon oregano and mix well.

Place chicken in dishes.

Spread 1 teaspoon of butter mixture across each piece.

Lay 1 strip of Pepper Jack cheese in the center of each chicken piece.

Roll the chicken around the filling and tuck in the ends.

Brush the top of the folded breast with melted butter and sprinkle heavily with the breadcrumb mixture.

Place the chicken seam side down, several inches apart in pan.

Drizzle with any remaining butter.

Cover with plastic wrap and lid. Freeze


Bake at 350 degrees uncovered for approx. 30-40 minutes if thawed,  1-½ hours if frozen.

Rice Pilafrice pilaf-1

1 C Bistro Blend Wild Rice

1 C brown Basmati Rice

4 C chicken broth

3 C water

Make rice, meanwhile, sauté:

¼ C Shredded carrots

¼ C green onions, sliced

¼ C diced red pepper

3 cloves garlic, minced

After cooked through add to rice as it is cooking.

Cool on sheets. Place in individuals’ labeled bags.



Thaw and warm in microwave, oven or on stove until heated through.