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This is one of my very favorite dishes. I think I may have said that before, but what do you expect from a foodie! It is always packed with nutrition though the vegies vary. I use what is on hand or in season if possible.

My daughter just got back from 3 weeks in Australia with People to People Ambassador Programs, http://peopletopeople.com/ . She had an indescribably amazing experience. Of course I asked her about the food. Her first comments were that meals were packed with vegies and fruit was usually dessert.

She had some foods that aren’t available here. She got to pick a papaya from a tree and eat it. She was served kangaroo steak twice! She said it was delicious! She had another opinion on the Vegemite. Let’s just say it is probably an acquired taste.


Summery Shrimp Sauté


Fruit Bowl (apricots and plums)


Use as much of the ingredients below as needed for the quantity of people you are serving.

Peeled Deveined Tail-On Shrimp, (look at size to determine quantity)

Leek, sliced

Kale, sliced

Orange Pepper, sliced

Mushrooms, quartered

Garlic Cloves, chopped

¼ C Fresh Basil leaves (I use a mix of varieties that are in my garden)

Kalamata Olives

Parmesan Cheese

Organic Pasta, your choice, cooked according to directions, set aside when done and toss with EV Olive Oil.


Quickly cook shrimp in a light amount of olive oil. Take out when nearly done.

Sauté vegetables leaving them crunchy.

Add shrimp and olives, stir until warm and serve over pasta.

Grated Parmesan sits on the table for those who want it!