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My husband and I went by ourselves to visit his family in Reno, NV and surrounding mountainous areas where we spoiled ourselves and gave me a break from cooking by going out to restaurants with family.


The tradition when we arrive in Reno to see Mamacita is to get Papusas El Salvadoreña con salsa y Cortido y Horchata. I like the Papusas de Queso con Loroco. What a treat, something I don’t make at home.

El Salvador Restaurant

517 Forest St

Reno, NV 89502


The next dinner meal we went to was in Tahoe City at The Blue Agave.


I had of course the chips and salsa which were very good. Then I had

Grilled Mahi-Mahi Taco with Chipotle Barbeque Sauce.

It was fresh, tasty and the sauce was not overpowering. I ordered one of my favorite drinks, a Margarita with salt on the rocks. Unique to the Blue Agave, they called it by the restaurant name: The Blue Agave Margarita. My husband had dos Enchiladas Pollo con arroz y frijoles, his ultimate favorite meal!

I would rate the meal an 8 out of 10. The outdoor dining was 9 out of 10.


An afternoon bike ride strengthens the appetite. As tradition we went to The River Ranch


The picture of the outdoor casual atmosphere is what we were after. We bought drinks and sat, only to find they were out of their famous Loaded Nachos!!!!! We were so hungry for them and now what?

The outdoor atmosphere and their nachos are definitely a 10! That’s why we continually go year after year. How disappointing that the Food Purchasing Manager is a BIG FAT 0!

From there we went to Truckee to find some food. We ended up at

El Toro Bravo


A Corona and Nachos, here I come! Unfortunately the thin crispy tortilla chips didn’t hold the goodies I desired, so I was a bit disappointed. The chips were not fresh, but didn’t taste terrible. I would rate the meal a 5 out of 10. I would rate the atmosphere a 9 out of 10.



The atmosphere inside Zano’s was good, perhaps 6 out of 10. I didn’t take a look at the outside dining. My sis in law and I split an Rock Shrimp and Artichoke Spinach dip from the appetizer section. My husband chose the Chicken Piccata.  Since I make that at home, he and compared the flavor at Zanos to the one I make in my Cookday. We both agreed my homemade one was better. We also got a green salad. The Creamy Garlic Salad Dressing that we all ordered tasted bottled with minimal flavor. I found out that it was indeed homemade, but soybean oil was the main ingredient, and I’m not particularly fond of that flavor.

All in all, the dip was incredible, the chicken just fine, the greens were great (large portion), salad dressing not the best, but the experience was a10 because we were spending time with one another! I would rate the food 6 out of 10.


Family Style at El Pescador


Sorry Olive Garden, it was because of my complaining that we went to a local restaurant instead of a chain that we could go to anywhere. I like to taste the local fare, and this was another excellent example of gourmet outside the casinos! This restaurant was near Mamacita and we were all hungry, so we gambled and tried a new restaurant that no one had been to before. It is called Marisco’s el Pescador


Wow, what a surprise to walk into an ocean and fishing atmosphere with comfortable seating. The service was friendly and family-like. The gentleman seating us acted like we were his relations, so kind and friendly. Six hot sauces were displayed on each table in a Corona 6-pack carrier (very clever). The Corona display in the middle of the restaurant sported an umbrella on a table. There were 5 in the party that evening and we all ordered something different. Of course the tortilla chips and salsa and beans came first. We all raved over the bean dip. The salsa came in mild and hot which pleased all of us! The first basket of chips tasted very fresh, but the 2ndhad many broken pieces. Although I will not hold it against them, I don’t think ‘Chip Crumbs’ should be served to customers.

El Pescador

The grilled fish tacos had cabbage and their Pico de Gallo including tomatoes, cucumbers, onions? and more. The Sea Bass was very fresh and incredible!,. It was very mild. The rice and refried beans were terrific! The grilled shrimp tacos were equally as good, as was the chicken taco. My husband had his usual, but this time 3 Enchiladas de Pollo con Arroz y Frijoles. Upon asking him which enchiladas he preferred of the 3 he had over vacation, he voted these the best! Everyone was satisfied and we will definitely be back! Atmosphere: though no outdoor dining, the fact that we felt we were at home and could stay as long as we wanted increased the rating to a 9. The service was fantastic and the meals a 10! Price was so affordable, that if I lived in Reno this restaurant would be a weekly tradition!


I made the meal for the family and I posted it on July 20, 2012.




What a delight it is to stop in Baker City, Oregon on the way home. After asking the manager at the Always Welcome Inn what restaurants he recommended, his first response was to go to the city fair and eat a footlong corndog. During the Miner’s Jubilee there is not only a fair, but an art show, bull riding, music in the street, a quilt show, parade and more.

Baker City’s Miners Jubilee- 30th Anniversary celebration of Baker City Oregon’s Mining Heritage. Vendors in the Park begin on July 20th at Noon. Join us in Baker City for Downtown Sidewalk Sales, Gold Panning Championships, the Family Fun Area, Duck race, Miners Jubilee Parade on Saturday Morning and the Baker City Bull and Bronc Riding.


After telling him that I really wanted salad, he suggested Barley Brown’s Brew Pub.


My husband was skeptical as to the clientele when I told him it was a beer drinking establishment, but upon entering the door we could see that it was a family friendly environment. The Menu was fantastic, as there were lots of items I wanted to try. I was indeed looking for a nice fresh salad, though. I ordered a Coyote Peak Wheat Ale (comes with lemon) and a Grilled Salmon Salad. My husband ordered the Grilled Salmon Dinner, which came with freshly mashed potatoes and a “boatload” of fresh vegetables, including broccoli, yellow beans, green beans, red bell pepper and mushrooms. He gave me a yellow beanWe both had a slice of grilled garlic bread as well. The salad was fresh and the salmon exquisite! My only complaint is that I would have liked 50% more greens. The salad dressing was incredible, a tequila lime vinaigrette. Perhaps this was the best meal we had on the entire trip. It was a close tie to El Pescador. Ratings: atmosphere 10, Food 10, Service 4….very slowwww.