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This is one of the most popular recipes in the cookday group. Accidently I had it labeled wrong, so to my surprise there were burritos left in the freezer! Talk about an easy meal! Making the burritos in the first place is time consuming, but well worth the effort. On a busy evening, just take them out of the freezer and bake or grill them for a crispy tortilla. The kids are always in a hurry, so they microwave them and have a soft shell.



Hearty Burritos




Hearty Burritos (1 9×13 or 2 8×8 pans)

2 C cooked ground meat (turkey or beef, or shredded chicken)

1 C cooked brown rice

10 flour tortillas

1 ½ C rotel tomatoes, undrained

½  C onion, diced

1 C red pepper, diced

2 Cloves garlic, minced

1 t cumin

1 t Mexican oregano

1 t chili powder

¼ t salt

½ C cilantro, cut.

1 C pinto beans, drained

2.5 C cheddar cheese, shredded

  1. Cook tomatoes, onion, red pepper, garlic and spices until liquid is gone.
  2. Cool in a colander to drain any remaining liquid.
  3. Measure remaining sauce and divide by number recipes ordered.
  4. Spoon the amount of sauce, the beans and rice into the individuals meat and stir.
  5. Place about 3 T cheese and ¾ C meat mixture into each tortilla.
  6. Fold ends and sides over filling.
  7. Wrap burritos individually in foil and place in pan or place seam side down in pan.
  8. Freeze.


  1. Thaw and bake at 425 for 15 minutes.  Or
  2. Grill burrito in foil over low heat until warmed, about 15 minutes. Great for camping!
  3. Serve with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, chopped tomatoes, or fresh cilantro.