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Condiment Tray

Potato Chips

Potato Salad

Angel Food Cake with Strawberries


Potato Salad

2-3 lbs potatoes cooked al dente and cubed into bite size pieces

(Red and  Yukon gold potatoes are ideal, but any will do)

5 hardboiled eggs, diced

4 stalks celery diced

1 C red onion, diced

½ C dill relish

½ C mayonnaise, store bought or homemade will do

1 T Dijon Mustard

1 T dried granulated garlic (powder)

1 t salt

½ t black pepper

Paprika, sprinkled on top


Mix all ingredients except potatoes together, stirring until well blended.

Mix potatoes with other ingredients in your larger bowl.

Clean any dirty edges of the serving bowl and sprinkle Potato Salad with paprika if desired.



Angel Food Cake with Strawberries (a lighter version of Strawberry Shortcake)

I am not much of a baker, so I got the angel food cake from the local grocery store. I put it into a glass cake server so it looked prettier.

Cut strawberries into bite sized pieces.

Add sugar or honey to bring out the juice in them.

Set in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Cut a 3 inch wedge of cake, cut that in half and open on serving plate to create a slight V.

Place a spoonful of cut strawberries and their juice on top of the cake.

Top with Whipped Cream!



4 lbs lean ground beef (1/3 lb per person approx.)

1 ½ T Worcestershire sauce

1 T dried granulated garlic (powder)

Fresh ground pepper to taste


Form burgers from lean beef. Don’t smash them, just pat them together.

Cover and set aside in refrigerator if necessary.



Grill burgers and don’t smash them with the burger turner. This takes all the good juice out of them.