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Chicken Rococo

Brown Rice


Vegi Slaw


Chicken Rococo

6-8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, flattened

Step 1

2 C brown/wild rice mix raw cooked and cooled (makes 4 C cooked)

¼ t salt,

dash of pepper

Step 2:

1/4 C olive oil

1 green bell pepper, chopped

1 ½ C onion, chopped

1 C chopped mushrooms

½ C flour

1 ¼ C chicken broth

1 ½ C milk

1 t dried thyme

½ t salt

¼ t black pepper

Step 3

8 oz. low fat cream cheese, softened

1 ¼ C onion, finely chopped

3 cloves garlic, crushed

Step 4

1 egg, beaten

2 T milk

2 C dried bread crumbs

Step 1: Cook and Cool Rice night before.

Step 2: Saute green pepper, 2nd onion and mushrooms in olive oil until crisp tender.

Add flour and stir and cook until bubbly.

Add broth and milk, stirring constantly until thickened and smooth.

Take off heat and combine rice with this sauce, stir and cool.

Step 3: Saute onion and garlic.

Combine cream cheese and sautéed onion and garlic and blend well to create filling.

Step 4: Divide Cream Cheese mixture among chicken breasts and roll breast up to hold filling.

Dip chicken roll into egg and milk and then into bread crumbs.

Place rice mixture in individual’s 13×9 pan and place chicken rolls on top. (May be easiest to divide rice before starting Step 3.



Thaw and bake with foil covering dish for 40-45 minutes or until the chicken’s internal temperature reaches 165° F. Serve with vegetable and salad of your choice. I separated the meat from the rice to cook. The chicken needed the full time to cook through and the rice needed 25 minutes to reheat. I used a true convection oven at 350 degrees F.

Vegi Slaw

1/2 green cabbage, chopped fine

½ C broccoli, chopped fine

½ C cauliflower, chopped fine

¼ C sweet walla walla onion, chopped fine

3-4 green onion , chopped

2 carrots chopped fine

1 C celery, chopped fine

1/2 bunch or more of cilantro

2TBS black sesame seeds

1/3 c chopped roasted almonds (I roasted slice almonds on the stove, turning frequently)

4TBS lemon ginger sesame dressing & marinade by “Culinary Treasures” 

(I got at Costco)



I steamed the asparagus for 10 minutes until el dente with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper,and fresh squeezed lemon on top. Asparagus is great grilled as well.